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About Us

Tiram Indoor Water Park is the first indoor water theme park in Johor. It is located in a shopping complex, namely Today’s Mall, at Ulu Tiram. As Today’s Mall is located on Jalan Kota Tinggi-a road that most tourists will pass to travel to Hutan Negara or the islands on the East Coasts-it becomes the most strategic location especially as a stopover for the tourists before travelling to many of the Johor tourism spots located at East Coasts.

Ulu Tiram had a lot of potential and attractions. As part of the Iskandar project, the Government is also putting a lot of effort in upgrading the infrastructures. Nonetheless, when Senai-Desaru Highway is fully opened by end of the year, more people will be brought into this town.

Tiram Indoor Water Park includes a water slides, and a 26,000 sq. ft. pool area, with many fun games available in the premise. It is sea-world-themed and decorated by many wall paintings of seaside and sea animals, and also structures of sea plants and animals all designed by Javanese artists. It took 6 months and RM4million to realize this project.

Thusfar, it has been receiving overwhelming welcoming responses from customers from all over Johor since its inauguration by the State Tourism Committee chairman Hoo Seong Chang on 28th August 2010. Many find the facility as a good place to mingle and build stronger bonds between family members and friends.

Entrance fees are RM13 and RM10 for adults and children respectively on weekdays, and RM15 and RM13 for adults and children respectively on weekends, and public holidays. Tiram Indoor Water Park also offers special rates for Agents.

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